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Mrs Linda Flegg


Open Show, Group 2, Show Ribbon Parade

About Me

Duff the Bull Terrier, arrived in my life when I had saved enough money for the deposit on my first home, that, at age 22 was my first foray into the world of pedigree dogs. With it came encouragement to attend a ribbon parade a Reserve on Parade, and we were hooked! Well, I was, but I am not so sure about Duff!

I have been involved in the breed and showing since 1996 and in 2006 achieved our first speciality BIS with a co-owned bitch Ch Boromir Gothika of Vortex, under a Bull Terrier specialist judge. I have bred 11 litters, eight homebred champions and have achieved the Recognition of Merit title (ROM) with three home-bred dogs, co-owned with Heidi Holland of Boromir Kennels. In 2012, using the approved interbreeding program we had our first litter of Miniature Bull Terriers.

I began attending the Waikato Judges Branch in 2003 and was accepted onto the Ribbon Parade panel in 2005. In 2010 I gained my championship Terrier Licence and am qualified to issue tickets for Group 2. I am also approved to award ROM points for the Bull Terrier Club of America and the National Bull Terrier Council of Australia.

Recent Shows Judged At

Bull Terrier Miniature Cub of America - Von Hildrikhusen Trophy Show - 19 October 2019
Bull Terrier Club of Tampa Bay Florida -15 Jan 2019
Netherlands Bull Terrier Club - International Countries Competition - 19 November 2017
Swedish Bull Terrier Club Trophy Show - 5 August 2017
Swedish Bull Terrier Club Open Show - 5-6 August 2017
Bull Terrier Miniature Club of Victoria (AUS) - 8 May 2016
Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America - St Louis (USA) 11 March 2016
Bull Terrier Club of St Louis (USA) 12 March 2016
Bull Terrier Club of Western Australia 8 Nov 2014
Bull Terrier Club of America - Devon County (USA) 6 Oct 2012
Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America - Devon County (USA) 6 Oct 2012
Devon County (USA) - Airedales 6 Oct 2012
ACT Bull Terrier Club (AUS) 30 Sept 2012
Southern Cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society 12 Nov 2011 (Open)
QLD American Staffordshire Club 14 Aug 2011 (Champ)
Bull Terrier Club of Victoria July 2011 (Open)
North Island Bull Terrier Club 19.4.08 (Open)

Rotorua Kennel Assn -  2019
Auckland Kennel Assn Easter - Group 2 2011
Christchurch Kennel Assn - Group 2 Aug 2010

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