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For the first 50 odd years of my life I thought of Dogs as someone's idea of a bad joke. My earliest recollections were of seeking alternative ways to walk to school to avoid the neighbours' canine family members. This only got worse during my teenage years when my father employed me as a Butcher's delivery boy.

That all changed at Christmas 1997 when I met and fell in love with my sister's new Miniature Schnauzer - "Meldrew ". Life since then has pretty much revolved around our new "canine children" and the sport of Agility.

Our household now boasts three Schnauzers:- Jasper the oldest is ADX, Jenna was the first of the breed to be made up in Agility and has ADX Gold, plus our latest acquisition Josie who commenced her agility career in January 2006 at Tokoroa. Jenna was the first dog in New Zealand to run in the "Champion of Champions Class" held at Counties in March 2005, she finished 4th.

I joined the Judges Panel in July 2002 and have officiated at events from Invercargill in the deep South to Whangarei in the North.

The Sayers motto :- "From dog phobic to dog manic in three easy Schnauzers"

Recent Shows Judged At

Maybe as a result of my willingness to travel, the year of 2006 saw me judging in the far North at Whangarei, in the South at Taieri, in the West at Hawera, and at Tauranga in the East. In addition I had a number of local appointments as well as officiating at NDTA 2005 and the NAC Finals.

Judging History

I was invited to join the Senior Panel in mid 2005 and relish the opportunity to judge all levels. Prior to this my biggest event was the "Cash & Sash" attached to the 2003 Nationals during which I learned what big skill is needed to both compete and judge at the same show. My dog still hasn\'t forgiven me for the appalling effort of handling in that year\'s Senior event.

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