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I first became involved in dog training at the age of 18 when I joined Hawera Dog Training Association in 1995. I began with obedience and moved on to agility where I fell in love. I started competing with my Fox Terrier and gained ADX, later on, I obtained my border collie, Kohi.

I first applied to be a Judge around 2000, not long after passing the exam my foxy unexpectedly passed away and for various reasons, I fell away from the sport around 2002.

In 2006 I was ready to come back. Well, I felt I had never left. A few things had changed in the few years I had been gone, but the basics were the same, having fun with your dog! Also it was great to see the rise in popularity and good to see a few familiar faces around the place.
2008 I decided to become a judge again, this time completing what I started all those years ago.

I am engaged to my partner Catherine and we have a beautiful daughter Kyra and a son Corban, Between us, we have 6 dogs. I work in IT and love to play Poker.

I am currently the Chair of Agility in NZ and I am competing in Senior, Intermediate, Novice and Jumpers B and A

I love working with dogs, Instructing, training and competing. It's all good fun and I find judging very rewarding. I enjoy watching great teamwork in both dog and handler alike. Above all safety on the course is my first priority. I like a course to flow but to be a challenge suitable for the level at the same time.
I often joke with competitors, you can only walk the course once!�

Recent Shows Judged At

Otago September 2018

Hawkesbury Sydney July 2018 

Horowhenua  April 2018 

Hawera May 2018

Wanganui Jan 2018

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