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Key Dogs NZ COVID-19 Policies for Events

Executive Council has the following key policies for the operation of Dogs NZ events under the current COVID-19 protection framework.
  1. All Breed Conformation shows will be lifted when the country moves to the new Traffic Light System at midnight on 2 December. Conformation Clubs will still be restricted to holding just one championship show (and a minimum of one open show) until 31 March 2023.

  2. All Group, Multi-Breed & Specialist clubs apart from Associated All Breeds clubs will be able to hold a second Championship in the period 1 April 2022 - 31 March 2023. These clubs must continue to hold at least one Open Show in that period.

  3. Any person participating in, or attending recognised Dogs NZ events (Agility/Dog Training/Conformation shows, Scent work or CGC assessments, judges training events, etc) will be required to have a current COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate.

  4. The requirement to check Vaccination Certificates of attendees is the responsibility of the Clubs holding the events as each venue and location is different.

  5. The current Dogs NZ Show Vaccine Mandate will remain until such time that the government removes the restrictions associated with the COVID Traffic Light system for non-vaccinated people.

What does this mean for exhibitors and those attending Dogs NZ Events?

To be able to participate in or attend Dogs NZ Events exhibitors, public and event staff will be required to have:
  • Either a digital My Vaccine Pass QR Code on your phone or tablet

  • Or a paper copy of your Vaccine Certificate with the QR Code

  • Or a valid vaccine exemption certificate

What does this mean for Clubs holding Dogs NZ Events?

Any Club holding a Dogs NZ event will be required to:
  • Be able to check all participants and attendees Vaccination status via the Pass Verifier App or by visual checking of digital or paper certificates.

  • Adhere to the event participation limits applicable to the Traffic Light protocols that apply to your region at the time of the event.

  • Which Dogs NZ activities or participants are not covered by our Vaccine Certificate mandates?

  • The requirement for vaccine certificates to participate or attend Dogs NZ recognised events only applies to those 12 years or older.

  • Dog training (apart from CGC assessments) and club social activities are not covered by the Dogs NZ Vaccine Certificate mandate as Executive Council's. opinion is that training / social events are the responsibility of clubs and they had no right to impose any mandate.

  • Clubs are still expected in ALL their activities to abide by the Government COVID-19 protection framework that applies in their region.

Useful Information you need to know:

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