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Canine Health & Welfare

Accredited Breeders

Information regarding the Accredited Breeders Scheme. For Rottweilers and Labradors, please refer to Litter Registration Limitation requirements bottom right of this page.

Code of Welfare

A summary of the Code of Welfare for dogs. Establishing the fundamental obligations relating to the care of dogs.

Mandatory Microchipping

It is relevant for the preparation of cats and dogs for export to all countries which require an official assurance (export certificate).

Approved Microchip Implanters List

Dogs New Zealand's approved Implanters for microchipping of Dogs.

Brachycephalic Health

Find out more about brachycephalic dogs.

PD Insurance

We're Dogs New Zealand's recommended pet Insurance provider. Learn more and get a quote today.

Canine Health

Policy statements regarding canine health.

Litter Registration Limitation

New health testing requirements for registering LRL breeds.


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