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Registered Dog Benefits

Why buy a Dogs New Zealand registered Dog?

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If you are a member or wish to become a member of Dogs New Zealand (Dogs NZ) formerly the New Zealand Kennel Club, and your dog is also registered with the club, you can join with and participate, with your dog, in activities of Dogs NZ and associated clubs.

A dog registered with Dogs NZ has been registered by the dog's breeder. The breeder will be the owner or part-owner of the dam (mother) and both parents of the dog will also be registered with Dogs NZ.

Therefore when you buy a registered dog, you will be able to know a lot about your dog, its pedigree and its breed - where it has come from, how it is likely to behave, what its temperament should be and other genetic characteristics.


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The Dogs NZ Purebred Dog Registry is a "closed" register, i.e. only dogs that are the progeny of dogs already registered with Dogs NZ can be registered on it. Only the breeder can register a dog born in New Zealand with Dogs NZ.

Dogs on the Purebred registry are eligible for three-generation pedigree papers.

Dogs born overseas can also be added to the register if they are registered with an overseas Canine Control recognised by Dogs NZ and that control issues a Certified Export Pedigree for that dog. Limitations on showing or breeding a dog can be imposed by endorsing in the registration of the dog.

Obedience and Agility Register

Any dog not registered on the purebred register can be registered with Dogs NZ for the purpose of competition in obedience, working trials or agility fixtures if the owner is a financial member of Dogs NZ and an appropriate registration application is completed.

Outline of Registration Process

For puppies whelped (born) in New Zealand:

  1. Only the breeder can register a dog.
  2. The breeder must be a current financial member of Dogs NZ.
  3. The breeder must be the owner of the dam of the litter, that is:
    • The outright owner, or
    • If the dam is jointly owned, all the owners, or
    • The lessee of the bitch under a Dogs NZ registered lease agreement.
  4. The breeder/s must be the owner/s of a registered Kennel Name.
  5. Both the sire and dam of the litter must be registered with Dogs NZ
  6. A completed Combined Certificate of Service and Litter Notification should be lodged with Dogs NZ. All litters must be notified and puppies registered within 6 months.
  7. The breeder should lodge a completed application to register the individual dogs in the litter already notified with Dogs NZ within 6 months of whelping.

Certificate of Ownership

A Certificate of Ownership is issued for every dog registered by Dogs NZ. This contains a three-generation pedigree of the dog and shows the name and address of the current owner. On the reverse, there is a transfer of ownership of the dog. If the dog is sold this form should be used.

Transfer of Ownership of a Dog

Any dog registered with Dogs NZ at the date of sale or sold with the undertaking that it will be registered with Dogs NZ must be transferred to the new owner within 14 days of the date of sale. A sale includes the sale, exchange, gift or other disposition.

A transfer is completed in any of the following ways:

  • Completing the transfer form on the registration application at the time of registration, or
  • Completing the transfer form on the reverse of the dog registration certificate, or
  • Completing a separate transfer form (Application for Change of Ownership).

The signature of the new owner is only required if:

  • The dog is being endorsed at the time of transfer.
  • The transfer is from the existing owner(s) in partnership with the existing owner(s).

It is the responsibility of the person selling a dog to complete the registration of the transfer and pay the transfer fee. Upon registration of a transfer, the new owner receives a new Certificate from Dogs NZ.

Endorsement of the Registration of a Dog

Endorsements are restrictions on the use of a dog placed at the time of sale. The most common is 'Not to be bred from and/or shown'. Endorsements can be lifted in certain circumstances. 

There are several other types of endorsements. Further details are on the transfer forms and full details in Registration Regulations. Breeders placing endorsements on puppies use a special form lodged with their applications. Dogs NZ recommends the endorsement of all puppies sold as pets.

Registration of Imported Dogs

  1. The owner registers the imported dog. This can be done at any time or age of the dog.
  2. The owner must be a current financial member of Dogs NZ.
  3. An overseas Canine Control recognised by Dogs NZ must issue a Certified Export Pedigree for the dog showing the applicant as a registered owner and giving a New Zealand address. This must be produced to Dogs NZ.

Exceptions and Restrictions

There are exceptions, modifications and restrictions on these general principles. These are contained in Registration Regulations.


Fees are payable on most applications and an application cannot be accepted unless accompanied by the appropriate fee. A current list of fees is available here.


Dogs NZ is available to help you if you require assistance. Phone during office hours 8.30 am to 4.30 pm weekdays on 04-237 4489 or contact us by email at

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