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The Spitz Breeds Club

The Spitz Breeds Club was formed in 1984 as the Wellington and Districts Spitz Club to promote the interests of minority Spitz breeds in New Zealand. It was expected that other regions might want to form their own clubs. This didn't eventuate and the name was changed to The Spitz Breeds Club, covering the whole country with Regional Representatives in the Waikato, Southland and Marlborough areas to cater for events and members in those places. Throughout the 80's and 90's the Club grew in stature and its magazine Spitz Bitz was enthusiastically prepared and read as it tried to bring new material on all the Spitz breeds and their activities, information on rare Spitz breeds (like the Eurasier, Norwegian Puffin Dog etc), some of which are now being seen in Australasian show rings, and general/health and welfare information for the dog fancy. The magazine won Best Club Magazine awards on several occasions and our Championship Show Catalogue likewise. The Club was granted 2 Championship shows a year, the principal one held in conjunction with the National in Wellington and the other rotated between the other regions. On the off year that region also held Open shows (thanks to the Regional co-ordinators). The Club also held Match Days and Ribbon Parades and some very enjoyable Fun Days. We have always been a friendly and supportive bunch of members who believe in our breeds and their special characteristics and abilities. The Club encourages all the activities in which Spitzes are involved from Obedience and Agility to racing and weight hauling, hunting, herding, guarding, search/rescue, hospital/rest home visiting, acting - whatever our dogs do we want to endorse their positive aspects. Our original aim has succeeded, there are more Spitz breeds reaching In Show and Grand Champion status than before and we congratulate them. More new breeds are appearing on the scene and we are still here especially to promote and support those numerically too few to have a breed specific clubs of their own.

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Kylie Crawford

Phone: 027-528-0034

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PresidentCherie Burton
SecretaryKylie Crawford
TreasurerKylie Crawford
NI Vice PresidentGloria Landon
SI Vice PresidentRae Bank

Club Activities

Fun days Champ Shows Open Shows Newsletter

Club Scrapbook

Best in Show - CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW - 6 February 2009 - Levin

Ch Merthyr Oliver Time Of My Life, (Welsh Corgi, Pembroke), L Chalmers & K A McIntyre

Best in Show 10 April 2009 - OPEN SHOW - Christchurch

Ch Lealsam Hugo Boss, (Samoyed), Andy & Denise Reeve

Championship Show, 12 October 2013 Judge; Ms Katrina Santas, NSW BEST in Show - Am Ch/NZ Gr Ch Tumbleweeds On The Road Again (Imp USA)

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