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Southern Newfoundland Society

Welcome to the profile of the Southern Newfoundland Society Society Services / Activities Include: Regular Newsletter The SNS produces and sends out a regular newsletter. The newsletter, "Newfpost" informs members of upcoming events and provides articles of interest to Newf owners. Members are encouraged to send in pictures and articles about their own Newfs. Society Events The SNS usually holds at least one event per month, ranging from water/cart training, club nights, walks, Christmas Parades etc etc Shows The SNS holds a championship show every two years and also holds open shows and ribbon parades from time to time. Carting Teach your dog to pull a cart! The club holds cart training and exercises throughout the year. Waterwork Most Newfs love the water and really enjoy learning to save people or tow a dinghy. TheSociety has regular water days throughout the summer. Library Its not always easy to find books about Newfs so the SNS has its own library of Newf books and magazines from around the globe for the use of members. PLEASE REMEMBER TO.... look at our photos in our scrapbook page, located on top right of this page.

Contact Details

Charlotte Mundy
295 Coutts Island Road
RD 1

Phone: 03 323 8133

Committee Details

Vice PresidentBrendon Williamson03
SecretaryCharlotte Mundy03 323
TreasurerCharlotte Mundy03
PresidentDonald Munro03

Upcoming Shows and Events

Upcoming events:

Our next event is a walk on Pegasus Beach on Sunday the 30th of April 2017.

Meet in the Pegasus Beach car park at 11am.

Club Activities

We provide a range of activities throughout the year e.g. cart and water training, NZKC shows, water fun days, general social days with grooming advice and fun activities, walks and participate in local christmas parades.

Club Scrapbook

Water Fun

Carting, is a great community activity

Resting after a hard day!

Veteran on parade, with his distinguished grey hairs

Carting at Brooklands Gala Day

Our stunning line up at the Xmas Parade last year

Our stand,with Newf Photos on display.

Wellington giving his friends a ride.

Darjon Vineyard Gourmet Market Day

A precious moment with a young admirer

Carting at a fundraiser, Darjon Vineyard, North Canterbury

Hey but I am not sharing my stick!!!

Tail blowing in the breeze

Here I am!!! Found it!!!!

Just love the water!!!

A sea of Newfs

Splish Splash

Our Club President getting a tow!

Rosa, just after fetching her toy, all in a days work!

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