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Southern Cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society

In 1956 the Southern Cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society was formed in NZ by a dedicated group of Stafford enthusiasts. It is the oldest Stafford Club in the Southern Hemisphere. Since that time the Society has gone from strength to strength, with its headquarters in Wellington and members throughout NZ and overseas, therefore you are never too far from help or assistance.  It is our aim to promote the well-being and image of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier; to encourage the breeding and exhibiting of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier that conforms to the standard of the breed, as adopted by the Dogs NZ; to hold shows, ribbon parades and fun days.
The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a loyal, fun-loving and gentle family pet, which adapts easily to town or country living, are easy to train and willing to please. These qualities make them the foremost family companion. The Society is affiliated to the Dogs NZ and through membership of the Society, we can endorse applications to join Dogs NZ should you wish to exhibit your Stafford at Specialist, 
All Breeds, Agility, and Obedience Shows held throughout the country. 

We welcome your application for membership. An online form can be submitted here: 

Our Logo The Badge of the Southern Cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society (Inc.) was adopted by the Society in 1956 upon affiliation with The New Zealand Kennel Club as an associated Specialist Breed Club and is, in fact, the Badge of the Southern Counties SBT Club in the United Kingdom. The Southern Counties Club was gracious to allow the Southern Cross Society to use this Badge as the first overseas SBT Club to be formed outside the United Kingdom and hence the date of Incorporation on the Badge 1937 refers to the Southern Counties Club, not to the Southern Cross Club. The dog depicted on the badge is that of MILKERN GUARDSMAN owned by the late Fred and Olive Gill originally of the Southern Counties Club who brought this dog to New Zealand when they emigrated here in the 1950s. F.L. (Fred) Gill was a long-time Honorary Vice President of the Southern Cross SBT Society and associated closely with the Society from its foundation. The motto on the Badge Nemo me impune lacessit translates as No-one provokes me with impunity or perhaps more literally as No-one challenges me with impunity 

About Staffordshire Bull Terriers: The Staffordshire Bull Terrier originated in Great Britain, derived from a cross between the old Bulldog and English White Terrier (now extinct), and was officially recognised by the British Kennel Club as a pure breed in 1935. Staffords are very intelligent, being loyal and devoted, with special emphasis on their reliability with children. They are strikingly muscle-bound, extremely strong and when showing their teeth in a snarl, look frightening, but they are people loving, have wonderful personalities and are extremely lovable. A Staffordshire Bull Terrier desires, more than anything else, to be with, and please, their owner/s. One must remember that the Stafford will stand its ground when challenged by an unfamiliar dog and should always be adequately controlled in public places. Staffordshire Bull Terrier owners have an obligation to Society, to ensure their properties are correctly fenced so that their dogs are not allowed to publicly roam free. Staffords adore car rides, going for walks, romps on the beach and most of all, being on your lap, cozying up to you when watching TV. Whatever the activity, From the time it awakens in the morning until the quiet of the night, a Stafford lives life to the fullest. (Linda Barker, writing in The Staffordshire Bull Terrier in America).

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45G Brandon Street

Phone: 027 841 3481 Eamonn Pearless (Secretary)

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PresidentNatalie Valentic
Treasurer and MembershipsGay Meredith

SecretaryEamonn Pearless
Vice President                     Paula May
Committee membersPaula May
Tania Slade
Darren Slade

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