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Poodle Breeders Association

The Poodle Breeders Association of NZ was formally recognized by NZKC in July 2012 after a dedicated group of poodle breeders throughout NZ banded together to form this association. We are a group of NZKC Registered Poodle Breeders, dedicated to protect and promote poodles in NZ by bringing together exhibitors and Poodle enthusiasts to care for the health, welfare, enjoyment and betterment of this beautiful breed. To co-operate and liaise with kindred clubs, to promote good fellowship and mutual support among Poodle owners and breeders. The Poodles are an extremely versatile breed, whether it be for conformation showing, agility, obedience, hunting, working as disability dogs, hearing and guide dogs for the blind or a lovely companion for your family at home. The Poodle is a solid color breed, it is also a very elegant, free moving, confident breed which is also full of fun, energy, and intelligence. This association does NOT support inter breeding with other breeds nor the breeding of Parti color Poodles for exhibition. Please do not embarrass us by asking for advice on these matters.

Contact Details

Christine Healy
85 Colwill Road

Phone: 02102359517

Committee Details

Vice ChairpersonKathy
TreasurerKathy Grinter
ChairpersonTony Healy021

Club Scrapbook

Mum meeting her puppy

Standard poodle at play

The agility poodle

the show puppy

Play time together

low maintenance pet with nice short hair cut

two poodles are better than one.

great family pet

cute miniature poodle puppy

Poodles are also cat friendly

White standard poodle

beautiful white standard girl

cute toy poodle

white toy poodle show dog.

Rearranging her bed for a good nights sleep. Poodles are clever!!

Standard poodles at play time.

The farm poodle with his buddy.

Beautiful sliver standard poodle in his show trim

Poodles love boating with the family.

Thirsty standard poodle.

Beautiful show trim poodle enjoying his toy and relaxing.

Gorgeous standard poodle.

Lovely silver toy poodle

Toy poodle in a show puppy trim

Nothing quite like a good romp on the beach!

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