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Otago Kennel Association

OTAGO KENNEL ASSOCIATION (Inc) The Beginning: On the 12 March 1952 the first meeting of the Otago Kennel Association took place. This came about by the amalgamation of the Otago Kennel Club and the Dunedin Fanciers Club (Inc). The Otago Kennel Association has had a chequered career over the years, Originally we were part of the Otago Agricultural and Pastoral Association when they held their first Annual Show on the 18th November 1877 and 14 classes of dogs were scheduled. Later (Date unknown to writer) the name became the Dunedin Fanciers Club Inc., which catered for Poultry, Pigeons, Canaries, Budgerigars, Foreign Birds, Dogs and Children's Classes, these Shows ran in conjunction with the A & P Show. In 1935 there was a split with a group breaking away and forming the Otago Kennel Club (Inc), this Club was incorporated on the 24th June 1935. Due to a downturn of members participating in Club activities and the soaring cost of maintaining our Club Rooms the building in Melbourne Street was disposed of at the end of 2003 to the Otago Wood Turners Guild.

Contact Details

Mr Lindsay Bryant
152 Sidey Street
Calton Hill

Phone: 03 487 9608

Committee Details

PresidentKirsty Boyle(03)
SecretaryLindsay Bryant(03) 487
TreasurerLouise Thompson Parker(03) 471

Upcoming Shows and Events

All Breeds Championship Show, Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th March 2017

Judges: 18th & 19th March 2017

Mrs Vickie Schneider - Queensland, Aust.

Saturday - 1, 6, 5, 2 & BIS
Sunday - 7, 4 & 3

Mrs Carol Keong - Queensland, Aust.

Saturday - 7, 4 & 3
Sunday - 1, 6, 5, 2 & BIS

The Sunday show is the Gerry Boyle Memorial Show who passed away in late 2016 and was a life member of the Otago Kennel Association and was instrumental in the fundraising and construction of the NZKC Forrester Park Complex.

Club Activities

The Otago Kennel Association is an all Breeds Club and holds two Championship Shows in July each year. A newsletter (DOG NEWS) is distributed to members quarterly providing information of interest and events in the world of dogs. If you have any items that may be of interest to our members, that could be used in our Newsletter please email Secretary New Members are always welcome. ______________________________ ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Annual General Meeting 2016 Annual General Meeting was held on Monday 11th April at 152 Sidey Street at 8.00pm. Officers of the Club remain same. Inquiries to The Secretary Otago Kennel Association P O Box 5486 Moray Place Dunedin 9058 or Contact Secretary or phone Evenings 4879608 Day 0276074981

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