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Central Hawkes Bay Dog Training Club

Established in 1997, Central Hawkes Bay Dog Training Club (CHBDTC)is one of the most easily recognised clubs in New Zealand with our bright orange uniforms. As a club, we offer all levels of Agility training, from Beginners through to Senior level as well as basic obedience and flygility. All classes are held on Wednesday nights from 5.30pm onwards. Children are most welcome. All training at CHBDTC is based on clicker training - a scientific, positive, modern method of training. CHBDTC is committed to educating people on becoming good, responsible dog owners, with the emphasis on having fun, exercise & socialisation for both dog and handler in a friendly atmosphere.

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Secretary : Lynette Sayers

Show Secretary: Jill Payne

Upcoming Shows and Events 2024

4 Feb - Ribbon Trial
8/9June - Jumpers x 5
19/20 October - Agility x 3, AD1, ADX2

Club Activities

CHBDTC is Central Hawkes Bays premier dog training club (we're the only one!!). Our basic obedience class is based on 'clicker training' which also carries on into the Foundation Agility classes and further. We compete in dog Agility, Jumpers, Flygility, a bit of Rally O and there may even be some misguided souls attempting obedience. We're hoping to post pics and updates from competitions and training. Nothing too serious mind!! AFTER the general obedience course you may like to join the club and start yours and your dogs agility journey. We all start with Foundation One which covers the foundation requirements we need to teach us some of the basic handling skills required to run a course. This is followed by Foundation Two where we start to use these basics into small agility grids. Next will come Starters Agility, an introduction into small agility courses, followed by the Novice Class where the learning will continue and we start to run full courses ready to start competing.

Club Scrapbook

Beth Oliver and AgCh Vici NV. V is now retired.

Jill and Kim's new training regime.

Eileen Blake's Poppy in action on the flygility course.

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