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General Information - Saluki



12-14 years


very low


Watchdog ability:

Protection ability:

Area of Origin:
Middle East

Date of Origin:
ancient times

Other Names:
Gazelle Hound, Persian Greyhound

Original Function:
Coursing hare and gazelles


The Saluki is the oldest known breed in the world: its history dates back approximately 9000 years to ancient Syria. From there, the breed spread to Egypt, Persia, India and Afghanistan. Originally a hunter of fox, hare and gazelle, the Saluki was the dog of choice for those in positions of royalty or nobility. The sheiks presented the Salukis as gifts of honour to travelers from abroad and by the year 1100 the breed began to appear in several European countries. As in its country of origin, the breed gained favor and popularity among royalty and several works of art depict the cherished Salukis with their masters. Today the breed is known for its fine companionship.


The elegant Saluki makes a distinguished companion, is fond of children, is loyal, affectionate and, because of its keen sense of hearing, makes a good watchdog.


Daily exercise is essential, preferably in the form of free running in a safe, enclosed area. The Saluki’s exercise needs can also be met with long leash walks or jogging. Salukis should sleep inside in all but the warmest climates; they do best as indoor dogs with access to a yard. They can play in snow and cold weather but should not be expected to spend extended time in the cold. The Saluki must have a soft bed, or it could develop calluses. A Saluki in proper weight is naturally thin; however, this breed tends to be a picky eater, which can result in a very thin-looking dog. Many people not familiar with the Saluki wrongly assume that the dog is not being fed properly! The smooth coat needs only occasional brushing to remove dead hair, but the feathered coat needs combing once or twice a week to prevent matting.

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