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Pyrenean Sheepdog - long haired

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Coming from humble beginnings, this breed was practically unknown to the official dog scene until the early 20th century. Its type varies considerably from one valley to the next, its shape, its coat can be very different, but its character and behaviour never vary. The first official standard was drawn up between 1921 and 1925 by Mr Bernard Sénac-Lagrange. It was first modified under his presidency and then under those of Messrs Charles Duconte (1954-1986), Guy Mansencal (1986-2000) and Alain Pécoult (since 2000- ) in close collaboration with Raymond Triquet since 2001.


It is a courageous, resourceful little dog, showing initiative and is totally devoted to its master. It is headstrong by nature and firm control is usually needed to channel its energy and bring out the best of its intelligence liveliness. It is often wary of strangers.

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