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General Information - Kuvasz



9-12 years



Very low

Watchdog Ability:
Very high

Protection Ability:
Very high

Area of Origin:

Date of Origin:
Middle Ages

Other Names:
Hungarian Kuvasz

Original Function:
Guardian, hunting large game


Kuvasz in Turkish means protector. The Kuvasz was mainly known as a sheepdog throughout the medieval period. Many of these dogs were trained to hunt big game such as bear and wild boar. The first written reference to the Kuvasz comes in the 16th century. Later the Kuvasz became popular as a village flock guardian. The breed may have contributed to the development of several similar looking sheep guard dogs, such as the Polish Tatra Sheepdog, the Marema Sheepdog, the Great Pyrenees and the Anatolian Shepherd. Hungarian herdsmen took their cattle, along with their guard dogs, to sell in several foreign lands. Along the way, their dogs may have bred with local dogs. Some animals may have been left behind when their jobs were finished. By the end of the Second World War, only about thirty Kuvasz remained in the world. The dedication of several breeders resulted in the resurrection of this noble breed. Today this beautiful dog serves primarily as a companion and home guardian, in addition to its historical flock-guarding role.


The Kuvasz is a courageous dog with great intelligence. Because of its size and ancestral work, it needs early socialisation and training. It does have a special affinity with children and will be quite protective; it forms a strong and devoted bond with its family.


The Kuvasz needs daily exercise and enjoys a long walk or good run in a safe area. It especially enjoys cold weather and can live outdoors in temperate to cool climates. It does best when allowed access to both house and yard. Its coat needs brushing one or two times weekly, more often during heavy shedding periods.

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