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General Information - Greyhound



10-13 years


very low


Watchdog ability:

Protection ability:

Area of Origin:
Middle East ,however the area of development is recognised as being England

Date of Origin:
ancient times

Other Names:

Original Function:
Hunting small and large


The Greyhound is said to be the oldest pure breed in existence today. Records dating back from 4000 to 7000 years depict the Greyhound much as it is today. The breed originated in the Middle East and travelling nobles brought the dogs with them as gifts of esteem. In this way, the breed spread throughout the European continent and the Orient long before Christianity. The breed's main function was as a sporting and hunting dog. It was used to hunt stag, fox, gazelle, and hare. In Britain, in 1858, the National Coursing Club was formed, and the Greyhound was one of the main contenders in the sport. Shortly after, Greyhound racing became popular in England, the States and Australia and was seen as a more humane sport, as the dogs chased a mechanical lure as opposed to a live hare. While the breed is not suited to confined living conditions, it makes an excellent family member. It still maintains its original instincts to run and hunt, therefore regular, supervised outdoor runs are required.


Sweet and loving, Greyhounds make excellent companions. They are gentle and even-tempered and should be socialised early to avoid timidity. Greyhounds are very loyal and love their masters and their families. Ex-Racers also make good pets and are easy to housebreak.


The Greyhound needs daily exercise, but it is a sprinter, not an endurance runner. Its needs can thus be met with a chance to run, or by a longer walk on leash. It loves to run and chase outdoors, and can easily run into danger at great speed unless exercised in a safe area. It is not generally amenable to living outdoors. Greyhounds relish creature comforts and must have soft bedding and warmth. The coat is extremely easy to care for, needing only occasional brushing to remove dead hair.

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