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German Shorthaired Pointer

General Information - German Shorthaired Pointer



12-14 years

very high

very low


Watchdog ability:
very high

Protection ability:

Area of Origin:

Date of Origin:

Other Names:
German Pointer (Shorthaired), Kurzhaar, Deutscher, Kurzhaariger Vortsehund

Original Function:
general hunting


Nineteenth-century German Hunters required a dog with a good nose that would point within a reasonable distance for a man hunting on foot. The dog needed to retrieve both fur and feather, from water or land, and also be a fine tracker. The German breeding incorporated the Old Spanish Pointer, Hounds of St. Hubert, the Foxhound, other hounds, and eventually the English Pointer, which made it faster and more energetic. Today's German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) is the successful result of the German hunter’s efforts. The GSP is a versatile hunter and an all-purpose gundog capable of high performance in both field and water. He is a fine natural retriever, an excellent companion for a hunter on foot, and requires little training. The GSP is an ideal dog for the weekend hunter who also wishes to own a bright, agreeable family companion and watchdog. Due to the breed's natural ability, German Shorthairs are campaigned successfully in the show ring, obedience and tracking trials, field trials, and hunting tests.


The German Shorthaired Pointer is an energetic dog. If not given a sufficient amount of exercise, both mental and physical, this dog breed can become frustrated. The GSP is a family dog, but sometimes it can be overly rowdy with small children and aggressive with small pets due to the hunting background. If raised properly with other pets though, the GSP can be trained to leave them alone. Loyal and protective, he loves all family members equally, especially if they are carrying the leash, car key, gun or Frisbee. They are very people-oriented, and not happy if isolated from the family. The GSP is considered to be an independent dog breed.


The GSP is an all-purpose close working gundog that combines agility, power and endurance. It is square or slightly longer than tall; although it has a short back, it should stand over plenty of ground. It should have a clean-cut head, graceful outline, strong quarters and an athletic physique. The gait is smooth, light and ground-covering. The coat is short and tough.

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