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Fox Terrier (Smooth)

General Information - Fox Terrier (Smooth)



10-13 years




Watchdog ability:
very high

Protection ability:
very low

Area of Origin:

Date of Origin:

Other Names:

Original Function:
vermin hunting, fox bolting


In developing the Terriers we know today breeders crossed ancient Dachshunds, the English Hound, and later the Fox Hound and Beagle. One of the oldest terriers, the Fox Terrier was used in the 18th century to hunt foxes in England. Its job was to harass the fox out of its hole. The dog would snap and growl and lunge at the hiding fox until it bolted. They were also very useful ratters. Predominantly white dogs were preferred because they could be more easily distinguished from the quarry in dim lighting. Today the Fox Terrier is primarily a companion dog. The Wirehaired and Smooth Fox Terriers are sometimes regarded as the same breed, although the breed has been separated. Some of the Fox Terrier's talents include: hunting, tracking, watchdogging, agility and performing tricks.


This energetic fun loving dog is affectionate and playful. Smooth Fox Terriers are courageous and devoted and make excellent watchdogs, though some have been known to bark excessively. The Smooth Fox Terrier has a keen nose, remarkable eyesight, and staying powers in accomplishing his work. They like to explore so should be kept in a safe enclosed area, and will sometimes even kill birds or small animals if given the chance.


The Smooth Fox Terrier is energetic and cannot be ignored. As an active dog, it will do much to exercise itself given the room. It enjoys a vigorous game or walk, as well as an off-lead outing in a safe area. Even though this breed can live outdoors in a warm climate, it does better living in the house and playing in the yard. Smooth coat care consists of weekly brushing to remove shedding hair. In fact, the smoothes shed more than the wires. Some training of the ears may be necessary as puppies for proper adult shape to develop. The Smooth Fox Terrier is easily housebroken.

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