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Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Brief Historical Summary: The Caucasian Shepherd Dog (CSD) is considered to be the breed taking its origin from ancient Caucasian dogs.
The breed’s expansion covers territories from the Caucasian Range and the steppe regions of Southern Russia.

The evolution of the breed was not only a result of natural selection but also influenced by nations that inhabited the Caucasian Region. Historically Caucasian Shepherd dogs were used for guarding and safe-keeping of herds, flocks and dwellings from beasts of prey and predators. The first mention of a large molossoid dogs used by the army of Armenian Tsar Tigran the II dates from the 1st century BC. Selection work with the breed started in the USSR in the 1920s. Obligatory qualities such as physical power, self-confidence, fearlessness, sharply developed hearing, good sight, and a dense and waterproof coat have been cultivated in the process of selection.

All these qualities, as well as endurance, allows people to use the Caucasian Shepherd Dogs in all kinds of climatic condition including the most severe ones.

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