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Afghan Hound

General Information - Afghan Hound



12-14 years



Watchdog ability:

Protection ability:
Very low

Area of Origin:

Date of Origin:
Ancient times

Other Names:
Tazi, Baluchi Hound

Original Function:
Coursing hare and gazelle


The Afghan Hound's ancestry dates back thousands of years to the greyhound family, although he is most closely connected to the Persian Greyhound. After arriving in Afghanistan from Arabia and Persia, this distinctive dog's coat is thought to have developed in response to the harsher climate. The breed became the Afghani nobility's hunting dog of choice because of its ability to cover rocky terrain with agility, speed and ease. The first Afghans were brought to England in 1894 by soldiers returning from the Afghan and India border. Breeding of the Afghan began in earnest in the early 1920s when two Englishmen imported seventeen more of these dogs. This popular breed is a good family friend when provided with space and plenty of exercise.


The adult Afghan hound has a royal bearing and may be aloof and dignified but should never be shy. With his family he can be a clown and very affectionate. They are intelligent watchdogs and do not bark just to make a noise. Training an Afghan hound can be a challenge - they learn very quickly but then have to be convinced that there is a purpose behind what they have learned! Reward training works well with an Afghan hound. They are sight hounds and will chase live game, so off leash exercise should be restricted to safely fenced areas.


The Afghan needs daily exertion, either in the form of a long walk followed by a short sprint, or preferably, a chance to run full speed in a safe, enclosed area. Although its coat might make it amenable to outdoor living in temperate areas, it needs a soft bed and is better suited as a house dog. The coat requires some commitment, especially when shedding the puppy coat; most adult coats need brushing or combing every two to three days.

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