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Deringolsta Kennels Scrapbook

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der Ingolsta Whitz This is me when I was a wee fella,I'm certainly a bigger boy now.
Garry and Debbie of der Ingolsta would like to thank Norm Claude for his continued support over many years. Here with CH der Ingolsta Felicity.
My Mum is Irana and I am known as the F girl so they call me Funkee, a Whispering Jack Daughter
Can I share your bone with you Jacko?
der Ingolsta Jon Jones and CH.der Ingolsta Ghandi, owned and loved by Sue Cooper
Two veterans together Norm and Suzie, showing that they can still do the off lead gait together and look good, even for two oldies.
Sorrow can be easier to bear by sharing it with the gentle compassion of a concerned pet. However, pet owners also know that one day they will have to face the sorrow of the loss of that pet, some a lot sooner than would be expected. Such a loss can be hard to bear, but is often softened by happy memories of that special friend. My Mate Xiwar der Ingolsta Xiwar 18.12.98 - 24.12.2000
Spellbinda Ali Baba (Oz boy) Just resting, while watching over the chickens sheep and ponies. Thank you Sharyn for giving Oz a wonderful home.
Is this one Mine Dad
Dazzel and Kaz having a friendly tussell the early morning wake up call.
A wee rest time Thank you Audrey and Lloyd for giving Dazzel such a wonderful home
My name is Hawke, My Dad, Brian and I go visiting schools to Educate children in Road Safety
Kobi keeping warm and dry on a not so nice a day. Nice going Jo he's looking great
Hawke with some of the children at one of the schools he visits .
My name is Jess, I'm just a wee angel for my mum and Dad, Trevor and Sarah
Matthew on holiday and enjoying cuddling the babies
Just a wee bit over crowded, Georgia letting the puppies have a nice warm bed and Georgia enjoying the warmth of the puppies on this very cold day
Thank you Jules Kanto looks just wonderful and certainly a real kool dude
I am a long coat with lotsa fluff all over, a real cutie
Harvey at 12 weeks looking just great, thanks Marie
Xamba interested in everything thats going on Thanks Joanne for the work you have put into her, a credit to you.
Thank you Jennie for the wonderful pic of the 2 kids look forward to seeing you all soon
Thank you Carol for the great pics He is looking great
Bonnie just having a wee rest from the pups after feeding, she is a great Mum and has Excellent temperment
Thank you Marie,Harvey has certainly got things sussed at your place
Xamba,a very proud Mum after a very long and hard night. peacefully resting with all her new born babies. Joanne Walker the proud Midwife and Nanny is also pleased its all over.
Missy Giving the babies lotsa cuddles
Wee Troy
Shirrazz and Friend
Shaka.....Who Me
Room for me too
Puppy Class Cert