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Dotty and Bluey pups have arrived!!
Born 23 Dec  2023.
Piper girl....Bluey is Daddy.
Ready for new home mid June
Bluey lovely laid back fellow.
Dad of current litter May2023
Wee  Blonde  PIPER  
VERY sweet girl.
Reign x Chop Litter   
Born 29 March 23
Ph  for info.
Reign X Chop puppy Gina.
Ready for home May 2023
Reign X Chop puppy.
Off to his new home soon.
A BEAR baby

This is CHOP   ♡♡♡ PUPPIES DUE ♡♡♡ MARCH 2023
Bear and Ziggy boy 
I am off to Wellington 
Young Violet and friend Piper
Sample Text
This is what a Staffordshire Bull Terrier was originally bred to look like.
Some of mine are too lippy ....but I know you like the look and Bolsover dogs are not bred to fight.

New lad on the block
       A White Boy
 Shelly x Brodie pup 
Greta and grandson. ( he is 13yrs now)
Time flies!
I am assured that no kittens were hurt in the making of this photograph.
Clever owner!
Couple of Bolsover boys...helping Dad read his book?  Looking a bit chubby there!
Brindle brindle and more brindle
Mickey and friend.
Bosco  the dude.
Armani    Amy x Blue
Pippi   Lovely outline, fit for purpose!
JEDI .... same day/ time in sun
JEDI....GRUFF'S  son. 
In the shade...see colour difference to other Jedi picture.
Denim   Amy x Blue
This is Blue at 5yrs
SUSHI.....survived the Easter chocolates....just!!
Hide the treats....