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Breeding Quality Pet Miniature Schnauzers with NZKC Registration. Focusing on good type and temperament. References available from puppy owners who have purchased my puppies.

Operated by myself Kathryn McGrath and situated in Blenheim, South Island.

I have considerable experience in breeding, having bred for over 20 yrs. All my breeding dogs are DNA tested for genetic conditions particularly evident in schnauzers ie Bone test, eye test and muscle test. They are also eye tested annually. All have clear DNA results and clear eye certificates. These can be sighted when visiting and visitors are welcome to view my dogs and premises by arrangement.


The family consists of Pack Leader (myself). Two old retired dogs Dog and bitch both 16yrs. These were my foundation dogs, proving longevity in this line. 4 young breeding bitches, 2 older breeding bitches and young 2 stud dogs.


My little mothers have easy whelps and because of this the pups get the best start in life. The mums are attentive beyond the call of duty and stay with the pups right up till they are weaned which is about 4 weeks. They are ready for their homes at 8 weeks and totally independent by then.

Cameo Miniature Schnauzers are calm and tolerant of pups running around them and are never phased by being hassled by pups hanging off their whiskers. This is great for the pups as it teaches them instinctive skills that set them up for life socializing with other dogs. The odd bit of gentle discipline stands them in good stead.

The pups have the opportunity to run on grass as early as possible and they quickly learn that this is the place to toilet. New owners say how good they are to toilet train and how quickly they learn. They thrive on praise and I constantly build them up this way.

My girls continue to produce healthy sound pups, robust and full of life. I try very hard to give them the best start in life, giving them my time and attention in the areas such as socialization with other dogs and children. 


Cameo Miniature Schnauzers are from Champion Imported lines. My foundation breeding bitches were imported. They all have nice natures and make exceptional companions.

The breed does not shed and therefore is an excellent house dog and tolerated by asthmatics and people with allergies.

I breed Pepper and salt, black and silver and black pups over the course of each year.

They are of good confirmation and adhere to the breed standard with the exception of the tail. I made a conscience stand against tail docking for schnauzers 20 yrs ago.  They are registered with a DogNZ Restricted Registration for pets only and always transferred into new owners name.

Visiting is most welcome to anyone interested in purchasing a pup now or in the future. I am more than happy for people to see my kennels, my dogs all live inside and are ever caged. To view my dogs or phone for information on Schnauzers in general.

Contact Details

Cameo Kennels
Kathryn McGrath 
5 Dunbeath St
Blenheim 7201 ph 03 5789788 or 0274130301

North Island Contact
Exulto Kennels,
Elizabeth Davidson, Auckland

Litters Available

Pups available in Blenheim, 2 boys 2 girls now 4 mths old. Fully vaccination, microchipped and well socialised with adult dogs. Both parents can be viewed, Enquiries Kathryn, visitors welcome. 

2 yr old  girl available also. 

All breeding dogs are DNA tested and eye tested annually. All have clear eye tests and DNAs are clear. All have beautiful natures.  Enquiries to Kathryn 09 5789788 or 0274130301. Can visit to see my adult schnauzers most times, call to organise.  Feel free to call with enquiries always happy to talk.

Elizabeth in Auckland may have pups available Enquiries liz_davidson_@hot

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