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Application For Membership of the New Zealand Kennel Club

FEES - One Member of every household pays a higher fee. This covers subscription to our monthly magazine - the NZKC Gazette. NZKC rules require that one copy of the gazette must go to all households with an adult member.

Please note that the following fees include a one-off joining fee of $20.90 (Member, Second Member and Overseas Member) and $5.55 (YKC member).

Please select one of the following membership types
1st Member of Household (includes Gazette)$92.60
2nd Member of Household (no Gazette)*$50.90
Young Kennel Club Membership (Optional if under 20 years old) **$24.50
Young Kennel Club with Gazette (Optional if under 20 years old) **$66.20
Overseas Resident (must be permanently resident outside of NZ) ***$50.90
Overseas Resident with Gazette (must be resident outside of NZ) ***$200.90

Applicant Details

Note:* = required field
First Name(s):*
Email :*
Date of Birth : ** Required if YKC member
Other Member ID: *  Required if '2nd Member of Household' selected
Previous Member ID:    If you were a member enter your old NZKC ID
Postal Address:*    NZPO Address finder (opens in new window).
Post code:*
Country *** Required if permanently resident outside NZ

Select Activities

To enable us to better deliver information and services that are relevant to individual people, we are asking our members to select the appropriate activities they are involved with.

You can choose to select as many activites as you wish
Breeding Showing Agility Trials Obedience YKC

NZKC Registered Dogs Currently Owned

I/We own the following dogs registered with the NZKC:

please note that this will enable the NZKC to transfer previously registered dogs to your new membership. It is not a requirement of NZKC membership to own an NZKC registered dog.

BreedNZKC NameNZKC # 

Local Club Membership

All New Zealand resident members of the New Zealand Kennel Club are required to be a member of at least one NZKC affiliate, associated or recognised society

I am currently a financial member of:
OR I intend to become a member of:

Privacy Of Information

The information contained on our membership roll is a publicly available publication and is available for searching by any person for any valid purpose pursuant to New Zealand Kennel Club rules upon payment of a search fee. The New Zealand Kennel Club membership files may be used for commercial purposes other than that for which it was obtained.

If you choose to make your information private, your personal information will not be shown on the website.

I wish to make my information private:

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