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Canine Good Citizen™

The Canine Good Citizen™ Test is a certification program that tests dogs in simulated everyday situations in a relaxed atmosphere. It identifies and rewards dogs that have the training and demeanour to be reliable family members as well as good-standing community members. It is open to all purebred and crossbred dogs

The purpose of the Canine Good Citizen™ Test is to ensure that our favourite companion, the dog, can be a respected member of the community because it is trained and conditioned to act with good manners in the home, in public, and in the presence of other dogs

Canine Good Citizen™ training is fun and useful. Through it, you and your dog will establish a closer bond and your dog will have the added benefit of knowing how to please you. The test of your dog's manners and training is not a competition and does NOT require that you and your dog perform with precision.

Who can participate?
All dogs over the age of 12 months of age.
Membership of the NZKC or member Club is not needed.

Check our Frequently Asked Questions page for the answers to more of your questions
Note: Clubs can log in to the site to view the club FAQ on their club page.

To obtain Canine Good Citizen™ Certificates, dogs must pass all tests set in each grade before attempting the next advanced up. Certificates are available from the New Zealand Kennel Club posted to the assessing club. Dogs will be registered onto a database.

Standard requirements for those wishing to be assessed for CGC.
Dogs must be over 12 months of age.
Dogs having been taught the following exercises may be eligible for assessment at a CGC registered club.
To get full informatiises.pdfon regarding the exercises and requirements contact your closest CGC registered Dog training club as listed on this page.

  • Appearance and Grooming
  • Food manners
  • Accepting Friendly Strangers
  • Walking in a controlled manner with distractions and through people
  • Stay tied
  • Control around other dogs
  • There will also be written questions for the owner.

Detail of the exercises at each level.

Care and REsponsibility


You can contact any of the participating Recognised CGC Training Providers to get started.

To find out when the next assessment day is in your area, click here.


To look at an uptodate list of all CGC qualifiers please click here.


Handler Assessment Sheets:
Editable Foundation Assessment Form
Editable Bronze Assessment Form
Editable Silver Assessment Form
Editable Gold Assessment Form

Assessment Day Summary Forms:
Foundation, Bronze, Silver & Gold

Progress Indicator Forms:
Foundation, Bronze, Silver & Gold

Complaints and Dispute Forms:
Complaints and Disputes Form

Assessor Contract::
Editable Assessor Contract


Download a pdf of the manual here

To purchase a printed manual please Click this link

For any queries please contact the following:

Jan Voss - Secretary

Rosemary Cleator
(Chair CGC)


Check out what is available for to purchase Click here

Club Application

Qualified CGC Assessors

Clubs Download the Assessors contract here

Clubs Download the Assessors Record Book here

There is a $ fee payable to NZKC. Clubs may include an administration fee over and above this amount.

CGC Registration
New Zealand Kennel Club.
Private Bag 50903 PORIRUA

Any dog found to subsequently breach the standards, will be removed from the list and advertised that it has been. The NZKC have endorsed the Canine Good Citizen™ Scheme in full which was launched at the 2003 National Dog Show on Thursday 25th September.

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