Club Notices

Eukanuba Wellington Event Centre
Championship Show - 10/11 September 2016

Omitted from Schedule...
YKC heats will be held on Saturday.

The Auckland Chihuahua Club Inc
Championship Show - 13 August 2016

Omitted from Schedule...
Neuter/Spey entries will be accepted at this show. Dog/Bitch must have (D) after its registered name and NZKC needs to be advised of the dog's status..

Annual Conference of Delegates dates

2016 - 25 June
2017 - 24 June

Benefit Show Protocols

The Executive Council has updated the Benefit Show protocols which are effective for the 2014 calendar year. All advices of Benefit Shows (for clubs owning their own properties) and for NZKC properties in addition to all other applications should be received by July 1 for consideration at the 1st Executive Council meeting held after the ACOD.

Please click here for full protocols.

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