Club Notices

The Dominion Chihuahua Club
Championship Show

The Dominion Chihuahua Club will allow spayed and neutered entries at our two Specialty Championship shows on September 30th 2016.

Entries for spayed and neutered dogs must be denoted by a D following the dog's name and be able to provide a vet certificate as per NZKC show regulations if requested. 


Eukanuba Wellington Event Centre
Championship Show - 10/11 September 2016

Omitted from Schedule...
YKC heats will be held on Saturday.

Canterbury Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Championship Show - Tuesday 27 September 2016

Please note that the club will also be holding Class 5 and 5A  Junior Dog and Junior Bitch at this show.  These classes were omitted from the schedule in error.

Southern Golden Retriever club
Championship Show - 28 September 2016

The club is adding the following additional classes that were not included in their schedule published in the NZ Dog World in July 2016.

7 and 7A Limit Dog and Limit Bitch


9 and 9A Stud Dog and Brood Bitch

Annual Conference of Delegates dates

2017 - 24 June

Benefit Show Protocols

All advices of Benefit Shows (for clubs owning their own properties) and for NZKC properties in addition to all other applications should be received by July 1 for consideration at the 1st Executive Council meeting held after the ACOD.

Please click here for full protocols.

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