Club Notices

Canterbury Kennel Association
Open Show 4 June 2016

Entries close 22 May 2016
A correction needs to be made to the published bank account details.
The correct number the online banking is: 02 0800 0066438-25 ref CKA Open

Eye Testing with Craig Irving
Correction to day not date

The notice published in the April 2016 issue of NZ Dog World magazine has the correct date, but incorrect day - please click here for corrected notice

The Samoyed Club Inc

Noel Wilson passed away peacefully on 19 April 2016, aged 73. Noel was a long standing member of The Samoyed Club Inc and clup patron. The club Open and Championships shows on Friday 1 July 2016 will be held in memory of Noel Wilson, Pearlonna Samoyeds.

Annual Conference of Delegates dates

2016 - 25 June
2017 - 24 June

Benefit Show Protocols

The Executive Council has updated the Benefit Show protocols which are effective for the 2014 calendar year. All advices of Benefit Shows (for clubs owning their own properties) and for NZKC properties in addition to all other applications should be received by July 1 for consideration at the 1st Executive Council meeting held after the ACOD.

Please click here for full protocols.

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