NZKC - Article - (Result of) Election of delegates to represent associated clubs at ACOD 2008

(Result of) Election of delegates to represent associated clubs at ACOD 2008

Update: Thu 6 Dec 12.50pm

The election has been completed and the formal declaration signed by Brian Priest is attached.

The list of clubs for which votes were received is below.

The results are:

We received 82 votes from 110 eligible clubs. Last year, with elections also for six regions (but not the same regions as this year) we received 82 votes from 108 clubs

Auckland group/multibreed clubs
Clubs eligible to vote: 13
(11 received)

Elected: Karen Harrison 9
Jenny Watts 2

Waikato clubs
Clubs eligible to vote: 25
(17 received)

Elected: Pam Douglas 16
James Patchett 1

Taranaki/Wanganui clubs
Clubs eligible to vote: 11
(9 received)

Elected: David Herd 5
Steve Tate 4

Wellington group/multibreed clubs
Clubs eligible to vote: 17
(12 received)

Elected: Sonya Sloan 11
Dale Wilkinson 1

Canterbury group/multibreed clubs
Clubs eligible to vote: 22
(17 received)

First preferences
Anna Ancell 3
Gary Doyle 6
Brian Harris 8

As no candidate received over 50% of first preference votes, Anna Ancell as the lowest polling candidate drops out and her votes are allocated to the second preference. The result is:

Gary Doyle 6
Elected: Brian Harris 11

Canterbury specialist breed clubs
Clubs eligible to vote: 22
(16 received)

First preferences
Blair Culling 8
Gary Doyle 5
Brian Harris 3

As no candidate received over 50% of first preference votes, Brian Harris as the lowest polling candidate drops out and his votes are allocated to the second preference. The result is:

Elected: Blair Culling 10
Gary Doyle 5
Informal (no second preference) 1

Note that delegates previously elected unopposed are:

Auckland specialist breed clubs: Karen Harrison
Hawkes Bay/Wairarapa clubs: Gordon Rumpler
Wellington specialist breed clubs: Sonya Sloan
Otago/Southland clubs: Dianne Tyssen

Brian Priest
Chief Executive / Director Secretary
New Zealand Kennel Club
6 December 2007


1. The list of nominees is below the list of clubs.

2. When a valid vote is received from a club, 'Received' will show after the club name below.

3. Clubs should contact or 04 237 4489 if they require a replacement voting form. Any member is welcome to contact us with any query.

4. Voting forms must be signed. Preferential voting is used. Forms can be sent Freepost, faxed, or scanned-and-emailed.

Auckland Group & Multi-Breed Clubs
1. Asian Breeds Club
2. Auckland Bulldog Club
3. Auckland Chihuahua Club RECEIVED
4. Auckland Dachshund Club RECEIVED
5. Auckland Spaniel Club RECEIVED
6. Auckland Toy Dog Club RECEIVED
7. Auckland Working Dog Association RECEIVED
8. Continental Gundog Club RECEIVED
9. The Collie Club RECEIVED
10. The Hound Club Of Auckland RECEIVED
11. The Poodle Club RECEIVED
12. The Terrier Club RECEIVED
13. Waitemata Gundog Club RECEIVED

(no election required) Auckland Specialist Breed clubs
1. Airedale Terrier Club
2. Auckland & Regions German Shorthaired Pointer Club
3. Auckland Provincial German Shepherd Dog League
4. Bouvier Des Flandres Club
5. Dominion Afghan Club
6. Golden Retriever Club
7. Great Northern Siberian Husky Club
8. Northern Alaskan Malamute Club
9. Shetland Sheepdog Club
10. The Bichon Frise Club
11. The Borzoi Club
12. The Boxer Club
13. The Great Dane Club
14. The Labrador Club
15. The Mastiff Club
16. The Old English Sheepdog Club
17. The Papillon Club
18. The Rottweiler Club
19. The Whippet Club
20. Tiki Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

Waikato/Bay Of Plenty clubs
1. Auckland Non-Sporting & Utility Dog Assn
2. Auckland Provincial Samoyed Association RECEIVED
3. Auckland Pug Dog Club RECEIVED
4. Australian Kelpie Club
5. Bay Of Plenty Gundog Show Society RECEIVED
6. Central North Island Utility & Non Sporting Dog Assn
7. Central Toy Dog Association RECEIVED
8. Chow Chow Club RECEIVED
9. Dominion Bullmastiff Club RECEIVED
10. Dominion Dobermann Club
11. Dominion Welsh Corgi League RECEIVED
12. German Shepherd Dog Assn Of Hawkes Bay RECEIVED
13. Irish Setter Club RECEIVED
14. North Island St Bernard Assn
15. Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club RECEIVED
16. Northern Weimaraner Club RECEIVED
17. The Auckland Beagle Club
18. The Basset Hound Club RECEIVED
19. The Keeshond Club
20. The Pomeranian Club
21. The Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club RECEIVED
22. Waikato & District Collie Club RECEIVED
23. Waikato German Shepherd Dog Club RECEIVED
24. Waikato Gundog Club RECEIVED
25. Waikato Working Dog Association RECEIVED

Taranaki/Wanganui clubs
1. Bernese Mountain Dog Club RECEIVED
2. Central Boxer Club RECEIVED
3. North Island Bull Terrier Club
4. Taranaki Gundog Club RECEIVED
5. Taranaki Non-Sporting & Utility Dog Society RECEIVED
6. Taranaki Toy Dog Club RECEIVED
7. The Dalmatian Club RECEIVED
8. The Saluki Club
9. Waikato & District Spaniel Club RECEIVED
10. Wanganui & District Gundog Society RECEIVED
11. Wanganui Toy Dog Centre RECEIVED

(no election required) Hawkes Bay/Wairarapa
1. East Coast Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
2. East Coast Gundog Show Society
3. East Coast Hound Association
4. Hawkes Bay Non-Sporting & Utility Dog Society
5. Hawkes Bay Terrier Club
6. Heretaunga Plains Toy Dog Society
7. The Schipperke Society
8. Wellington & District Labrador Retriever Club

Manawatu/Wgtn Group & Multi-Breed clubs
1. Central Cavalier & King Charles Spaniel Club RECEIVED
2. Central Chihuahua Club RECEIVED
3. Central Districts Working Dog Assn RECEIVED
4. Central Terrier Club
5. Dominion Collie Club RECEIVED
6. Dominion Poodle Club
7. Kapiti Toy Dog Club RECEIVED
8. Manawatu Toy Dog Club RECEIVED
9. The Dachshund Club RECEIVED
10. The Gundog Society RECEIVED
11. The Non-Sporting & Utility Dog Society
12. The Setter Club
13. The Spitz Breeds Club RECEIVED
14. Wellington Bulldog Club
15. Wellington Hound Association RECEIVED
16. Wellington Toy Dog Club RECEIVED
17. Wellington Working Dog Club RECEIVED

(no election required) Manawatu/Wgtn Specialist Breed clubs
1. Central Afghan Hound Club
2. Central Districts Dobermann Club
3. Central Golden Retriever Club
4. Central North Island & South Island Great Dane Club
5. Central Rottweiler Club
6. Central Shetland Sheepdog Club
7. Dominion Pekingese Club
8. Manawatu German Shepherd Club
9. Southern Cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society
10. The Central Welsh Corgi League
11. The Newfoundland Club
12. The Rhodesian Ridgeback Association
13. The Samoyed Club
14. Wellington & District Boxer Club
15. Wellington District German Shepherd Dog Club
16. Wellington Pug Dog Club

Canterbury Group & Multi-Breed clubs
1. Banks Peninsula A & P Society RECEIVED
2. Canterbury Cocker Spaniel Club
3. Canterbury Combined Terrier Club
4. Canterbury Dachshund Club RECEIVED
5. Canterbury Junior Kennel Society RECEIVED
6. Canterbury Toy Dog Society RECEIVED
7. Canterbury Working Dog Association RECEIVED
8. Dominion Chihuahua Club RECEIVED
9. Ellesmere A & P Society RECEIVED
10. Mackenzie County A & P Society RECEIVED
11. Mackenzie Highland Show Canine Assn RECEIVED
12. Otago/Southland Gundog Society RECEIVED
13. South Island Collie Club RECEIVED
14. South Island Hound Club RECEIVED
15. South Island Non-Sporting & Utility Dog Association RECEIVED
16. South Island Poodle Club
17. South Otago Kennel Association
18. Southern Bulldog Club RECEIVED
19. Southern Gundog Society RECEIVED
20. Southern Irish Setter Club RECEIVED
21. Tasman Districts Gundog Society RECEIVED
22. The Fox Terrier Club

Canterbury Specialist Breed clubs
1. Canterbury Afghan Hound Club RECEIVED
2. Canterbury & Regions German Shorthaired Pointer Club RECEIVED
3. Canterbury Bull Terrier Club RECEIVED
4. Canterbury Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
5. Canterbury Labrador Retriever Club RECEIVED
6. Dominion Samoyed Club RECEIVED
7. English Setter Club RECEIVED
8. Griffon Bruxellois Club RECEIVED
9. South Island Boxer Club RECEIVED
10. South Island Dobermann Club RECEIVED
11. South Island German Shepherd League
12. South Island Pekingese Club
13. South Island Rottweiler Club RECEIVED
14. South Island Shetland Sheepdog Club
15. South Island Siberian Husky Club
16. South Island Welsh Corgi League RECEIVED
17. Southern Golden Retriever Club
18. Southern Newfoundland Society RECEIVED
19. The Irish Wolfhound Club RECEIVED
20. The South Island Beagle Club RECEIVED
21. The South Island Whippet Club RECEIVED
22. The St Bernard Club RECEIVED

(no election required) Otago Southland clubs
1. Boston Terrier Club
2. Otago German Shepherd Dog Club
3. Otago Southland Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
4. Otago Toy Dog Club
5. Otago/Southland Hound Club
6. Southland German Shepherd Dog Club
7. The Pointer Club
8. The Weimaraner Club

Nominees, and the club/s nominating them, are:

Auckland Group and Multibreed Delegate
Karen HARRISON, The Terrier Club
Jenny WATTS, Auckland Working Dog Assn

Auckland Specialist Breed Delegate
Karen HARRISON, The Great Dane Club, The Borzoi Club, Shetland Sheepdog Club
(elected unopposed)

Waikato delegate
Pam DOUGLAS, Auckland Provincial Samoyed Club, Central Toy Dog Club, Chow Chow Club, Northern Weimaraner Club, Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club, Waikato & District Collie Club
James PATCHETT, Bay of Plenty Gundog Society

Taranaki/Wanganui delegate
David HERD, Taranaki Toy Dog Club, Wanganui & District Gundog Society
Steve TATE, Taranaki Non-Sporting and Utility Dog Society, The Dalmatian Club

Hawkes Bay/Wairarapa delegate
Gordon Rumpler, East Coast Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, Hawkes Bay Non-Sporting and Utility Dog Society
(elected unopposed)

Manawatu/Wgtn Group & Multi-Breed delegate
Sonya SLOAN, Central Chihuahua Club, Central Districts Working Dog Assn, Dominion Collie Club, The Gundog Society, Wellington Working Dog Club
Dale WILKINSON, Wellington Hound Assn

Manawatu/Wgtn Specialist Breed delegate
Sonya SLOAN, Central Welsh Corgi League, Central Districts Dobermann Club, Central North Island & South Island Great Dane Club, Central Rottweiler Club, Southern Cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society, Wellington Pug Dog Club
(elected unopposed)

Canterbury Group & Multi-Breed delegate
Anna ANCELL, Canterbury Toy Dog Society
Gary DOYLE, Canterbury Junior Kennel Society, Canterbury Working Dog Association, Dominion Chihuahua Club, MacKenzie Highland Show Canine Assn, Tasman Districts Gundog Society
Brian HARRIS, Canterbury Dachshund Club, South Island Non-Sporting and Utility Dog Assn

Canterbury Specialist Breed delegate
Blair CULLING, Canterbury Bull Terrier Club, South Island Boxer Club, South Island Rottweiler Club
Gary DOYLE, English Setter Club, South Island Welsh Corgi League
Brian HARRIS, South Island Dobermann Club

Otago Southland delegate
Dianne TYSSEN, Otago Toy Dog Club, Otago Southland Cavalier King Charles Club, The Weimaraner Club
(elected unopposed)


The process to elect 10 delegates for Annual Conference of Delegates 2007 started on Wed 3 October when letters were sent to associated societies ( group / multibreed / specialist breed clubs) calling for nominations.

Click on the link for full information.

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