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Please note that Grooming Spaces for the Prelude Show on Thursday 1 October and the National Dog Show on Saturday 3 October are now fully booked.

There is limited spaces left on Friday 2 October. Please book for these and Sunday's spaces now.
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New Zealand Kennel Club joins condemnation of Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival in China

The NZKC released its position on the awarding of the World Dog Show to China in 2019 and in particular, its condemnation of the Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival. The NZKC will continue to monitor the situation and has already been made aware that the Chinese Government has been looking at this issue for a number of years. As addressed in its media statement the NZKC believes that national canine organisations have the opportunity to support change in China.


The awarding of the 2019 World Dog Show to China has caused unrest amongst national canine organisations throughout the world as it has brought to the fore the consumption of dog meat in China and in particular, the annual Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival where an estimated 10,000 dogs are killed each year. The New Zealand Kennel Club (NZKC) will be joining the protests against this abhorrent practice which is clearly at odds with international animal welfare standards.

The 2015 Yulin festival, held earlier this month, was the target of an online petition that gathered nearly four million signatures strongly protesting the cruel and inhumane activities.

NZKC President, Clyde Rogers, said that the NZKC will be writing to the Governor of the province where the Yulin festival takes place, expressing disgust at the practice. ”The China Kennel Union is totally against the practice undertaken in their own country so, collectively, national canine organisations must take this opportunity to support them in having it banned, starting with the Yulin festival.”

“NZKC will also be requesting that the governing body of the World Dog Show, Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), galvanises support from its member countries to have the annual Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival disestablished as a first step in the banning of the consumption of dog meat in China.”

Mr Rogers said that NZKC will be advocating that, if progress is not made in the short to medium term, consideration needs to be given to a change of venue for the hosting of the 2019 World Dog Show.

NZKC President.
Posted: 06072015

Brown dog tick detected on a Wellington dog

Please keep an eye out for ticks

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) advises that it has positively identified brown dog tick on a Wellington dog. This new detection follows the discovery earlier in the year of brown dog ticks on two Canterbury dogs.

Brown dog ticks (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) are an unwanted organism in New Zealand and MPI is working to ascertain if any wider population is present, and if so, to eradicate it.

In the Canterbury situation, the dogs and the house concerned were treated and MPI thoroughly checked the property and a local veterinary clinic and a grooming facility the dogs had visited. No further ticks were found at any location. MPI undertook a range of tracing and surveillance activities, including checking all dogs that had visited the vet and groomer concerned. No further ticks were found.

Now a single dog in Wellington has been found infested with a small number of brown dog ticks. The dog has been treated for ticks and plans are in place to treat the dog’s house and a business premises it visits. In addition MPI has checked and treated a second dog that occasionally visits the same business premises. No signs of ticks have been found on any other dog or at any other property.

MPI believes this is an isolated situation and there is a very low risk of any spread of the tick to other dogs in the Wellington community. This is because the dog has not previously socialised with other dogs, is now contained to the house and also because the cold winter weather would not be conducive to tick survival.

This new detection in Wellington appears to be unrelated to the earlier Canterbury find, and no signs of a wider population of this tick has been found. Given the likelihood that this is a small, isolated population that has been treated, there will not be widespread communications directly to dog-owners, advertising or public news media releases. However we would like to raise awareness of this recent find, and hear about any finds of ticks on dogs.

As your organisation works with dogs and the dog community, we would like to update you on this find, and should you find or be contacted regarding a tick that may not be the common cattle tick in the course of your work, please contact your veterinarian or MPI on 0800 80 99 66.

Full information, including photos of the brown dog tick and a fact sheet, is at: http://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/pests/brown-dog-tick

Posted: 23/6/2015

Eukanuba Canine Heroes Competition 2015

Eukanuba along with the New Zealand Kennel Club is searching for your stories to find three of New Zealand's very own Canine Heroes

We are looking for dogs who make a difference and that can be anything from saving a life through to being your most loyal companion.

Every story counts...

To enter your hero click here

Posted: 6/5/2015

NDOA 2015
National Dog Obedience Assembly 2015

Click here to go to the NDOA website

The New Zealand Kennel Club proudly supports 50 years of Porirua

Should Trademe sell animals?

There has been much recent publicity on the trading of dogs and sellers responsibilities and subsequent calls for greater regulation.

Please click here to view the whole story that aired on Campbell Live.


The recent publicity highlights the need for puppy buyers to be aware of the potential pitfalls, some of which are set out below.

Buying a dog?


The New Zealand Kennel Club (NZKC) can help, please read here for some practical advice and information. Read on...

Posted: 1/4/2015

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